Nepal Pheasant foot problem

by Trevor
(Queensland, Australia)

Greetings, i have this Nepal Pheasant that developed lumps on her toes. I thought this may pass but she has toes that look like clubs, or fingers on a human baby, would you have any idea what this may be, kind regards, Trevor.

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Jul 08, 2009
Pheasant foot problem
by: The Vet

This is something you should have examined by an avian veterinarian to get a definitive diagnosis. The list of differentials I would include, without the benefit of an exam, are: arthritis, joint infection, pox virus, articular gout, neoplasia, and trauma.

Dr B

Jul 07, 2009
Foot Problem
by: Linda

GooDay Trevor! It sounds like your bird needs to see an Avian vet in your area. What you are describing is not normal and could be many things like infection, arthritis or parasites. To be able to diagnose problem properly, you'll need to take him to a Avian vet.

Hopefully, you have one in your local area and can make an appointment for as soon as is possible for you.

Keep us posted on what the vet says and post a picture of your lovely bird when you can.

Have a Great Week, and it has been a pleasure,

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