nepali parrot died

by Kishori

I had 2 month old nepali parrot which died last night i could not find the reason, i was helpless he was not eating anything from morning itself. he was passing yellowish liquid type from his urine. I feel very sorry for i could not save him. I miss him a lot.

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Apr 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

Have had three parrots for close to 20 years, loved them and will always miss them.
My last one parted today and I felt helpless, have always taken very good care of them.

one of my oldest was as good as a child when I got him, poor fellow had a few fingers missing from the time I got him, was very close to me, watched movies with me, ate his food with me in the same plate, would walk into my room early in the morning and sit on my pillow, was like a child too me.
My experience so far is we don’t have any proper vets here in Mumbai, have looked around a lot.
Wish we did.
Pretty much all vets’ I have come across in Mumbai have little knowledge of birds and rabbits and that's very sad.

Editor's note: So sad you lost your bird, but there are good avian vets in Mumbai that you can take your future birds to. They are listed on our Find an Avian Vet page. Just click the link!

Nov 02, 2012
so sad
by: Anonymous

brother i know how was your feeling when you miss your friend. did u gave hime some prohibted food, like coffee, alcohel, carbonate drink or artficial vitamins?

Mar 29, 2011
by: philipy

no it didnt i miss it so much it hurts so much when the bird diess but we bought a new one i m giving it extra stuff n keepin it away

Mar 20, 2011
Did you cook in teflon near the bird?
by: Anonymous

Did you cook anything in a new teflon pan near the bird? Ive heard that the fumes from teflon pans are toxic to birds and can kill them

Mar 17, 2011
by: philipy

well u should have taken it to the vet asap i nu how u feel the exactr thing happened to my 5 month old parakeet it did yellow is urine n diarrea thn it died in like 5 minutes maybe it was ill cuz wen a bird puffs up n stays same spot for a long time it means its sick my bird died march 15 2011 :'(

Mar 17, 2011
Parrot died
by: Tracie

I am sorry your bird died. I understand that in India you do not have easy access to avian vets and good pellets for your birds. A healthy diet is key to having a healthy bird.

Please contact the avian vet that is there in India and ask them to help you with what to feed your next bird. I do not know what is available there, so I can not make suggestions.

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