nerve damage

by Cristal

this is how he lays most  all day

this is how he lays most all day

My Grey Cheek Parakeet (Quaker) was treated for zinc poisioning, he went through 4 series of shots (2 a day for 10 days). He now does not act right he twitches badly and keeps his head down often. He will not play with his toys and only talks very minium now where he was a very good talker before.

He is going to be 3 years of age in May. Can he possible get over this nerve damage or should he see a specialist and how would I find one. My Vet is very good but I feel that he doesnt listen to all my complaints. He still has not grown all his feathers back on his chest and his beak lining is lighter now then before, its lighter then the rest of his beak.

He was checked for beak and feather disease which was negative. Please help I love my bird and just want him well again.

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Oct 31, 2008
nerve damage
by: Anonymous

SORRY dont know why I said grey cheeked he is a Quaker Parrot. He has had more than 10days of treatment we have went 4 series of 10day shots. Yes blood work was done the last test said Zinc level high normal and wbc low 3.0 I believe. Thank You for your response and I will try to find a specialist in the area today. Oh just for note I have changed out his cage and he has gotten new toys.

Oct 31, 2008
Bird nerve damage from Zinc
by: The Vet

Just for clarification a Grey-cheeked parakeet and a Quaker are different birds.

Zinc toxicity is very complicated. I see too many of these cases and I have found that many of them have chronic long term health problems related to zinc. They can show symptoms for several months even after treatment.

I have also found that treatment for the severe cases, as it sounds yours is, is also much longer. I have treated some patients as long as a year. It sounds like your bird is still showing symptoms. This means that either he is continually being re-exposed, or he was not treated enough, or was not treated correctly to begin with.

Either way, you need to find the source of the zinc. In addition, he needs follow up testing and re-treatment or continued treatment. In my onion I feel that you need to locate a specialist, and one who has had experience with zinc poisoning.

Your bird is still showing symptoms, and 10 day treatment has never been enough for any of my patients. Was there any blood taken to determine the initial level of zinc? Your bird needs to be seen today, if possible.

Dr. B

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