nesting behavior?

by cher

my parrot is shreading and like nesting the shreading from her sleeping hut. Is she going to lay a egg

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Nov 23, 2011
Potential nesting behavior
by: Tracie

The bird could be hormonal and could lay an egg if it is a female. The issue, in my opinion, is that the bird is shredding the happy hut. This can be very dangerous! The bird can get hung in strings and die before you know about it.

I suggest you remove the hut and lessen the daylight hours to resemble winter to see if this gets her out of this nesting mode.

Hopefully you are feeding your bird 80% healthy pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush so that you don't have to worry about egg binding.

If you notice your bird sitting fluffed and straining, this is what it looks like when a bird is egg bound and the bird needs immediate avian vet care.

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