nesting or not

my bird(snickers) is always goin to the bottom of the cage and rips the newspaper to tiny little pieces.Snickers then hides under it.does this mean my bird is nesting?

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Aug 28, 2009
by: Linda

No, this does not necessarily mean anything except that she is playing hide and seek with materials she has created. If the behavior progresses and includes egg laying, be sure and throw each and every egg away immediately because if one gets cracked and bird eats of the inside, she can die of albumen poisoning which is a horrible thing to watch, and acts quickly enough to not be able to do anything for bird.

Even if you are thinking of breeding, please give it a second, third and fourth thought. The market is FLOODED with parrots of all kinds, and a lot of them end of being passed from home to home until they become mentally ill from all the stress. The very unlucky ones end up in abusive and/or neglectful homes and live out their lives in terror and filthy surroundings eating food not fit for a roach much less a bird. The bird breeding situation has become like the dog and cat breeding situation. There are a lot of "bird mill" breeders and this includes a lot of private citizens. They THINK breeding parrots is a way to make money, and if the birds and babies are taken care of properly, there is very little if any money to be made. All it takes is one baby bird becoming ill, and the rest get sick too, and instead of making money, they are paying through the nose to get babies well, or do nothing and watch them die. This is not what bird breeding is about. Birds, in general, are beautiful and ehance our lives with their beautiful bodies and their beautiful souls. To give them less than the best there is is to sin in the worst way I can think of.

Sorry to "get on my soapbox", but there are way too many people breeding these majestic creatures and leaving them to all manner of horrible lives. The fact parrots live a long time adds to the madness.


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