New 1 Year old Love Birds(pair) - Need them to not be scared. Help?

by Kristin
(Cape town, South Africa)

I just got a pair of one year old love birds last week and they are so cute and inlove:) they have a nice cage with toys and sleeping box and I clean it daily. I got them from a lady who loved them but just didnt have the time to take care of them.

But when it comes to training time one/twice a day I struggle. I open the cage up, and I let them come out in my room when they are ready. They climb in and out of the cage and fly around and sit on the window sil(which is closed ofcoarse). After I think I need to put them back now I approach them and they just fly away or run away. Their wings are partly clipped so they can only fly a little bit. Enough for excercise.

I feel bad to approach them because I can see their little chests pounding. When I catch them, it usually takes a try or two, I hold them gently and stroke their heads or their wings/backs softly. I am very relaxed with them. After about 30seconds of me stroking them and them trying to wriggle away I put it back in its cage and I do the same with the next one. They do not bite. I just feel so bad as I think they think Im going to hurt them when I try catch them to put them back. They nearly took apple from my fingers yesterday but were reluctant.

When I approach the cage they back away and when I put my hand in they squeek loud and flutter. This is the reason I let them come out the cage before I handle them. I want to know:

Am I doing the right thing?
What else can I do?

Please help,

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Jan 17, 2010
New 1 Year old Love Birds(pair) - Need them to not be scared. Help?
by: Linda

New birds are ALWAYS terrified of their new home, cages, toys, people and/or any pets in the home.

It takes them a week or more to even feel comfortable enough to come out of cage. I suggest you give them a break for a week or two. Also, their wings need to be trimmed again if they have lift enough to fly around the room. Flighted birds find many dangers in our homes. Take them to an Avian Vet in your area for a checkup to make sure they are healthy BEFORE any training. While there, have vet clip the Primary Flight feathers which are the 6 long feathers at the bottom end of the wings. They will then glide to the floor and will not have any lift to fly around. As long as they can fly, they will not become tame, and the fact that they are a pair will make this all the more hard for you. Birds in pairs are difficult to tame unless they are caged seapartely. In this case, just have the flight feathers clipped so they cannot get away from you like they are doing. As long as they can fly away, they will continue to do so.

Be sure and take them to the Avian Vet as soon as you can because when birds are moved around, their immune systems are under lots of stress which makes infections easier to contract.

Thanks for writing,

PS It takes a long time for birds to trust us. Trust is earned not freely given. Keep this in mind when working with them.

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