new african grey scared of me

by Wissam Steitieh

Hello i bought an african grey hes 9 month old from petshop hes still fearing me. Should i open his cage so he can go out or wait till he get used to me. Remember hes been here 2 weeks only yhx..

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May 09, 2013
isn't he hand raised
by: Asif Arain

In that way buddy I think your bird isn't hand raised and not tamed as well... because hand raised birds are not scared of human or may be the bird is comfortable but you are scared of the bird remember african grey can sense your feelings and will act accordingly never show your bird that you're scared...and 9 month old grey still want formula once or twice a week for his hunger to satisfy your bird need and that is the greatest way of bonding with your grey...
Tracie and Linda can assist you better than me take care. Read n educate your self about grey bye

May 08, 2013
Training a scared African grey parrot
by: Tracie

The very FIRST thing you need to do is spend time with your bird, by the cage, developing a relationship of trust. You want to both learn what the bird does and doesn't like while teaching the bird you respect it and that you are safe.

Don't do anything to scare the bird or make it angry. It takes much longer to overcome what you did to cause the bird to not trust you, than to just take the time to become a sweet flock member in it's eyes.

Please read the health and training articles at this Parrot Training page link. Realize that many African grey parrots are naturally scared of things. A new toy may need to be sat on a table for a day, then hung on the outside of the cage for a week before hung in the cage, for instance.

Sit next to the cage, talk sweetly, hold a treat in the bars, if the bird doesn't freak out, and maybe one day it will come and take the treat. Just keep taking baby steps with the bird and eventually the bird will want to be with you all the time.

I strongly suggest you do not open the cage door until the bird is comfortable sitting on your hand while it is IN the cage. I also suggest you take the bird to an avian vet for a wing clip, so that the bird will not fly once it is out of the cage.

You can not allow the bird out of the cage if it can fly into something and get hurt, or chew something toxic. You don't want the bird on the floor, because you bring things in on your shoes and feet from outside that are toxic for birds, like diseases from wild birds for instance.

May 08, 2013
by: Wissam

What if he went out of the cage and wouldnt come back into his cage?? Cuz i cannot touch him hes still scared of me and will bite me fo sure. Should i give him more time to get used to me then open his cage or what?

May 08, 2013
build relationship
by: Asif Arain

Congrats that you have GAG one of the most intelligent creature in parrot world. Yes you must open the cage and offer him treats and have the bird on your hand try to speak to your bird and get him interested in you.
Remember African Grey trust once earned will always be lovely to you and your familymembers...
Wish you all the best you and your bird grey
keep posting

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