New alexandrine

by josh
(brisbane Aus)

i just recently picked up a alexandrine from a family that wasnt giving it enough time. Its been 4 days and its behavior is normal and is coming around letting me touch it(wasnt pet at all previously but was "hand tamed" from a pet shop) and mimicking my family whistle.

It just scratches a lot around its head and neck and gets into a bit of a fit wandering around ontop of the cage scratching its beak on the cage and perches. the beak itself looks healthy and were it looks scaley over the bridge of the beak i think is from were its rubbing. im waiting to be able to handle it properly before i go to get it sexed and checked out just wondering if its something i need to be concerned about.

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Jun 04, 2015
Bird scratching some
by: Tracie

It could be normal, especially if it is going through a molt. If you see a lot of feathers around the cage, it may be molting.

Scratching once in a while is okay, if it scratches all the time, or develops bald spots, then an avian vet visit is a must.

Below are links for finding an avian vet, and our parrot training page.

Parrot Training page

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