new amazon parrot

by shelly flynn

I have just bought a Oranged Winged Amazon from a pet shop, they told me it was 2 years old. It will take food from my hand and it doesnt seem to stress when i am in the cage changing food,water e.c.t.
I let it out for the 1st time today it came out on it's own accord and went back in on it's own, the second time i let it out it came down to the chair i was sitting on when i tried to touch it it moved which is fine but when i tried to get it back into the cage it refused, after what seemed like eternity it finally went in.
what would you say is the best method to train it to go back in ?
also when i went to it it tried to fly but just sort of fell down do you think it might have it's wings clipped or does it not no how to fly ?
kind regards shelly

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Oct 06, 2009
New Parrot
by: Linda

Shelly, your new bird is doing great, and you may want to look at some of the training materials Tracie has on her Parrot Training page.

Basically, the not wanting to go back in cage is classic behavior. Your bird wants to spend time outside cage with you and possibly on a free-standing perch. You can make one if you have some tools and wood. They are made from a small tree for the vertical part with a square of say plywood on the bottom for stability. The perch can be any safe tree branch that has NOT ever been sprayed with chemicals or chemicals put into the tree itself or the ground. This includes fertilizers.

If you make it yourself, make sure you can attach a food and water dish on either end, if bird will be out on it for extended periods of time. If not, just keep it simple. Make sure it is light enough so you can move it from room to room if you wish. Your bird will probably fly off it at first, and just pick him back up using your hand or a perch and put him back on it and say "Stay on your Perch". Eventually, bird will understand and come to like his new outside perch. There are also playtops for cages with flat tops, and get one that has appropriate sized perches. Amazons like toys they can chew on and possibly destroy like wooden pieces hung on white 100% cotton rope. We make our Amazon's toys, and we use 1/4" white cotton rope and toy pieces cut from branches of soft and hard wood with a 3/8" hole drilled in them so rope goes through. Put knots above and below each toy piece and leave some loose rope at bottom so bird can "preen" this which means undoing the braiding ply so he can then make it fluff out. For the toy base at the top, you can use half coconut shells with 3/8" holes drilled into them so you can pull your rope through. You can also use wooden pieces or hardwood branches with holes drilled in them for hanging. Use either nickel plated or stainless steel up eye bolts and same with the rings to attach your quick links to. YOU CAN ALSO BUY HIS TOYS AND MAKE SURE YOU BUY HIM TOYS WITH A MAJORITY OF WOODEN PIECES ON THEM AS THE AMAZONS DON'T CARE MUCH FOR THE ACRYLIC TOYS AS THEY LIKE TO CHEW. We make 2" thick "beads" by cutting up manzanita branches, birch, walnut. Make sure you use some soft wood if you are making your toys as birds DO need to be able to destroy something as it gets rid of birdy stress very nicely.

The Amazon is a more independent bird, and they enjoy SOME petting and will take your finger in their beaks when tired of being petted, so look for this to happen. The Amazons are one of my two favorite birds, the second being the entire Macaw family!

Keep us posted, and post a picture of your bird when you can.


Oct 06, 2009
New amazon parrot
by: Anonymous

It is possible that the wings maybe clip you should ask at the pet shop. Spend alot of time with your bird till he/she gets to know u and patience is really what it's about food is a way of treats for them use nuts and fruits to lure it back to it cage. Try to avoid to much fatty foods. Eventually it will learn that's where he/she belongs. Good luck

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