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Oct 30, 2010
New Baby Conure Suddenly Biting Aggressively
by: Linda

To the lady who just answered your question, I send Kudos and lots of Warm Fuzzies. She is on the money as to how the conures are. Some I've handfed have given me bites that drew blood and then chuckled when I yelled in pain! Birds have a bit of a twisted sense of humor in that they love it when we lose our composure from being bitten or opposed. Birds are also the great manipulators as their intelligence level is very high. They also sense when we are in pain, sad, depressed or happy and joyful. They feel much more than lots of people give them credit for. They make wonderful lifelong companions if raised correctly.

What may be happening here is some breeders only use one sex to handfeed, i.e., women only or men only. Baby birds have to be handfed by both sexes in order to be able to recognize the finer qualities of each human sex. Your baby is too young to be bonding with you in a sexual way as this happens only after reaching sexual maturity some years from now.So behavior may be coming from being handfed by a woman only.

Do all the things the very nice lady mentioned, and also have your husband do the feeding, watering and cage cleaning for a while. Parrots love the ones who feed, water and clean up their messes, so this would go a long way toward a better relationship with your husband.

It takes time to train, and always be gentle and firm when teaching good birdie manners. How you work with your bird now will cement how the bird acts when an adult. Spoiled, non-disciplined birds grow up to be terrors who make life miserable for everyone. It's not their fault as they, like children, do whatever they want to do if nobody says NO.

Thanks for taking your bird to an Avian Vet as this is what we recommend for all new birds. Yearly visits after that are also recommended.

Thanks for writing, and we are here to support you in raising a wonderful parrot friend.


Oct 29, 2010
Pair Bonding an ect....
by: S.p. an me...(she is a sunconure)

I had the same issue...w/a twist. S.p. Is now 4,always remember this ,No an I mean No sunflower seeds not even as treats. Question who had her the most handleing wise an was she being disciplined this is critical to moving foward with your family. Also, your conure has picked you as its mate/pairbonded. Tho its hard devote equal attention,to ur husband ,child,an conure. Also they need a set schedule when to wake up,when to be fed,when to play. Mine literally is on a schedule full of activity you do not want a bord conure,also place its play stand where ever every one is,make sure the wings are always trimmed,an tell your husband not to give up,let him only be the one to give it a special treat ,so that way your bird will know he has something special..reward for good behavior ,not bad. Which means when your sunny attacks it must be told No an put in time out,for 2mns,then bring it back out if step up is 'nt working use a small perch an get under its belly an say step up then verbally praise it, they have the inteligence of a 5 to 6yr old. Also u might want to invest in a glove,remember small bird does not equal small bite,trust me I know. An on bad days when they really would prefer to stay in there home/cage simply say I love you make kissy noises an move on to the rest of your day. An remember this, any type of animal you get,cherish them for they cherish you. Have fun,an dont give up!

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