New baby grey parrot seems to not know how to eat well

by emma
(Saudi Arabia Jeddah)

Hi I bought a baby grey and he still begs for food , i give him a bowl of fruit chopped up but he seemed to struggle to actual get any down . I gave him some cooked sweet potato mashed up and he seemed to like it he took it from my finger but then about 40 minutes later he regurgitated it back up.

What is the best things to try to make sure he is eating enough and the right size of fruit and vegetables and which are better. I am going to take him to the vet today to have him checked out but here their is not a specialist avian vet in the country.

Thanks Emma

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Jan 04, 2012
My baby grey cracker
by: Anonymous

Thank you , I took him to the vet today and she told me that he had not been well weaned most likely on seeds as his nose was completely blocked . The vet told me she was not going to unblock the nose as with the good diet of vegetables I am feeding he should clear up and get the nutrition he needs.
I bought from a man in a pet shop , he had just had the 2 baby parrots in from holland on the plane obviously now I know not from a good breeder. I am going to go back and check on the other baby grey in the shop and take him so vegetables .
My parrot cracker has been eating better he loved some soft carrot and enjoyed some grapes refused broccoli and had fun shredding some celery. I am putting 3 times a day different food for him and hand feeding him pieces and he seems to be doing ok . He is so friendly and hates to be in his cage and loves sitting on his top perch outside his cage . He has started to trust me and will step up on my hand and will come snuggle up to me . Hopefully with some helpful advice I can get him healthy and let him have a good life.
Thanks Emma

Jan 04, 2012
Baby African grey not eating well
by: Tracie

Your baby is probably needing hand feeding formula still. Please look at our Find an Avian Vet list and use the link at the top of the page too in case there is an avian vet you don't know about you can call or see.

You may need to return this bird to the breeder and let them finish hand feeding this bird. Sometimes it appears the bird is eating on it's own, but the stress of a new home causes the bird to revert back to needing to be hand fed. Ask the breeder to keep the bird for 2 - 3 weeks AFTER they believe the bird is eating on it's own.

Here is a vet in your area that at least has experience with birds:
Tel. +966-2-691-2896

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