New Baby Sun Conure. Need some help

by Tony

We adopted a baby Sun Conure and I need a little advice on how to care for it fully. I know birds, but not babies. We have had her for 2 full days now.

Her name is Yoko and I am guessing she is 9 - 11 weeks old. I am hand feeding her twice a day 9am & 9pm. I put plenty of food in her cage, warm vegetables that get swapped out every hour and weaning version of the pellet mix I want her to eat when she is an adult (I've crushed up some of this so she can get to smaller pieces if she wants). There is also fresh water in her cage at all times.

The first time we put her in the cage she splashed around in the water, other than that I have never seen her go near it. She also never touches any of the other food. I was able to hand feed her some of the crushed up pellets mixed with apple juice and her formula warmed in the microwave.

I am looking for suggestions on where and what I should be doing with her to get her to eat regular foods. I am trying to avoid seeds until I know she will eat pellets. Is that wrong?

Lastly I have been trying to get her to play with toys or just do other stuff but she just charges up my arm and onto my shoulder. If I have her sitting on top of the cage and walk buy she we leap/fly onto my chest or back and then run up to my shoulder. The shoulder part is not unwanted behavior but I don't want her to do it at the right times.

If these are things she will grow out of that is fine, it's just watching other babies on YouTube she doesn't seem to be dependant enough.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Tony!

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Jan 27, 2009
New Conure help
by: Tracie

Hi Tony,

For the hand feeding questions, please contact a breeder and get some help. I am disappointed someone would sell you a bird that is not weaned with you not having experience.

Babies often don't care about toys. They also just do what they can to be with their flock, you in this situation.

Toys: Eventually the bird will understand toys, but you can help by having the bird watch you play with the toy and then trying to engage the bird to play with you on a table or something.

Behavior: All unwanted behavior either needs to be ignored have a negative result. In the case of the bird jumping on you, you can say "nooooo" in a low calm voice and then lock the bird up and turn your back on it. If you do this every time, it will hopefully get the picture.

You can wait a minute and then get the bird back out and try again. Just keep putting the bird either back on the stand or locked up and turn your back on it every time.

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