New behaviours

by Debbie
(Kenner, la. USA )

I have had my Quaker Ezekiel for about a year. He is about 2 1/2 years old. Recently he has been going down to the bottom of the cage and walking back and forth Sqwaking loudly. It's like he is upset.

The cage door is never closed but my lovebirds are in a cage close by. He has broken their cage and unscewed all their locks to let them out. Now I use twist ties until I can fix the cage. He also unscrews all the crews in his cage and I've often found the top dropped inside. But my real question is could he be a she and is this mating behavior. When he opens the lovebirds cage he now gets in and does the same thing on the bottom of their cage.

I threw in a paper towel trying to distract him. But he beats up the paper towel and just walks up and down. This happens a couple of times a day. He appears to want to get in the nest box of the lovebirds but cannot fit through the hole. But I am not certain if this is his frustration. Otherwise he is a great bird even with his constant puzzle loving skills.

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Jan 07, 2012
New behaviours
by: Anonymous

Today I had all my 9 birds outside in their cages. As I said, Ezekiels cage is never closed unless I leave and he is outside. Today I sat out so I also let my lovebirds sit on their cage next to him. One if the lovebirds and Ezekiel were feeding one another and beaking. He started his ritual again a few times with rant and raving at the bottom of the cage, I think it could be the nest box in the lovebirds cage! Either he is frustrated because he cannot get inside or is trying to get territorial with it I think. Any suggestions? Tonight he got so worked up I moved his cage to another room. It quietened him. But also he will sometimes get worked up again to have his cage moved back near theirs. Could it be a game? Could he be frustrated because they go in and he can't? Do both females and males get territorial over a nest box? It is funny when I talk with him. But obvious that he gets very upset. Tonight I even opened the back of the nest box and asked him if he wanted to look around. He didn't go inside but got quiet and calmed down.

Besides the three birds I mentioned, I have a baby green cheek conure, two parakeets, two cockatiels who I keep catching trying to mate, and a canary.

Also have one question about lovebirds. For months now one of them gives his hut a workout daily even six times a day. I am told they are a true pair but not positive they are. One watches while the other pounds his hut. I hate to remove the hut because they have slept in it since they were three months old and they love it. They even lie on top of it. But once while he was pounding his hut, the other kept trying to squeeze herself under him between himself and the hut. Could this clarify that they are of different sexes? I bought a nest box in the event one was wanting to lay eggs. They do go in and spend time inside. But they also play in it.

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