New Bird Confusion

by Tammy Lynn
(Lethbridge AB, Canada)

last week somebody GAVE me a female goffin cockatoo. This somebody bought a mating pair of goffins thru the newspaper 2 years ago, The newspaper sellers aquired the birds seperatly over a span of 5yrs,the female tame, the male mean and aggressive. The somebodies brought the pair home to a large family in a small house with 10 cats ,2 lrg dogs and were fed sunflower seeds only.

After the dog killed the male the female was left caged and alone for over a year. This girl has had two different names, i wonder if i should use the name somebody called her or the name newspaper sellers used?

This girl is so different than any goffin i ever met, docile and quiet. she loves to be scratched inside her cage only, i could peel her out easily, but????? should i fource the issue? will she ever take fresh fruit and treats? use her feet/hands?

will somebody help? plz? Tammy

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Jun 23, 2008
Helping Goffin's Cockatoo
by: Tracie

Hello Tammy,

I am so glad you are helping this Goffin's Cockatoo. I think with patience and persistence you will someday be able to get the bird out of the cage for some cuddling.

I have training articles you might want to read, just click the Parrot Training button on the upper left. One of the articles is about switching to pellets and you can use the method for adding other foods too.

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