New bird scared

by Jaime

Hey, i got a yellow sided green cheek conure yesterday. Hes about 4 months old. He has been hand fed. I let him be all yesturday for him to get used to his surroundings. I go sit by his cage and talk to him a lot and he will come not to far from me but when i open the door he freaks out and gets scared.

I have read to leave the cage door open to see if he will come out on his own because i don't want to force him and i want him to trust me but I'm nervous I'd he comes out that i will have a hard time trying to catch him to put him back in his cage. I'm not sure what i am suppose to do and how to go about this. I know its going to take time and patience but I'm wondering if there's anything i can do now to help the process?? Thanks :)

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Dec 27, 2014
How did it go?
by: Anonymous

One website said give him 1 or 2 days to get used to his surroundings. Another said 3 days.
How did it go?

Aug 28, 2014
Visit our training page for help
by: Tracie

Please visit our Parrot Training page for help with training your new bird. There are a few articles there that should help.

Catching the bird and putting him back in the cage will not be a good solution to gaining the bird's trust.

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