new bird with diarrhea every morning

by Lise Barrieau
(New brunswick)

Hi, I recently got a young Alexandrine parakeet. He is now 22 weeks. The day I brought him home he was immediatly put in a separate room for isolation, and whenever I would go in I would change clothes and wash my hands before and after, because I also have a hahns. He had diarrhea from the beginning I am quite sure ( I have had him since June 14). I brought him for a vet checkup, but wasn't worried about the diarrhea because it was always cleared up by afternoon. He wasn't eating the same diet as he was used to, and he was pretty stressed about the move. The tests we did, which I also had done when I got my other bird, are the following:
Bloodwork - Avian/Reptiles PCV/biochem
Avian general profile - Polyoma, PBFD, Pacheco's & Chlamydia

All the test came back negatif, but his diarrhea hadn't improved yet. I keep a close watch on him every day, but he eats very well, he's active, he doesn't show any signs to be sick. I keep checking his poo to make sure nothing gets worse, but it stays pretty much the same.

In the morning he gets a mix of pretty bird natural gold, goldenfeast hookbill legume blend and vitamin enriched seeds, with spirulina sprinkled on top. In the afternoon I give him birdie bread, pasta, rice, vegetables, fruit... they get birdie bread most days, which I make myself.

Now I'm going to describe the diarrhea. His worst poop is almost always his first morning poop. It has a light brown colour, and looks like pudding. It also smells. His next few poops are usually diarrhea, although smaller and after the first three they start getting better. By afternoon they are usually solid and formed.

I took him to another vet when he didn't improve. (there is no avian veterinarian in new brunswick, so I brought him to a doctor that does deal with birds)
He got examined, and we decided on:
Intestinal Parasite Exam - Vita Tech Lab
Fecal culture
The tests came back today negatif. He said he didn't want to poke him too much yet because he does appear as if he's doing alright, especially since he has formed poops every evening. He said to keep a close watch on him to make sure nothing else pops up. he also asked if it could be something in his diet. Even when I change his feedings, everything seems to stay the same. Is there anything thing else you might recommend i do for a second opinion? Thank you for your time.

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Jul 16, 2008
morning diarrhea
by: The Vet

It is common for birds to have a big wet dropping in the morning. They rend to hold their poop all night. This does two things, one it makes them smell and two it makes them loose. If the rest of the droppings throughout the day are normal, then I am not concerned.

However, if other droppings besides the morning one are showing the same characteristics, then there is a problem. You can correct this to a certain degree by changing his diet. I recommend not feeding Pretty Bird. The best pellet you can feed is Harrison's. The pellets should make up 80% of the diet. Treats are the remainder.

The smell is because of yeast. Harrison's prevents yeast growth by promoting the growth of normal bacteria thereby making the environment unsuitable for yeast. Also, sugar promotes yeast growth and Harrison's has no sugar, unlike most Pretty Bird products.

You also need to keep a check on his weight. Buy a gram scale and weigh him twice weekly at a minimum. When using Harrison's there is no need to supplement with spirulina because it is already in the pellet. And so are the very important omega fatty acids (not found in any other pellet.)

Hope this helps.

Dr B

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