New cockatiel with black particles in one side of the nose.

by Mikayla Johnson

Hello, Well I have a bought a new cockatiel from the petshop the other day and she/he is just a little one around 3months... She wasn't in the biggest cage and was near some other scraggy looking cockatiels ( I wanted to take them all home, they looked like they were just there for the profit, and didn't have the proper care) So I choose her, she was such a darl and gave off little squeaks...I checked her for mites, wing damage and looked at her eyes to see if she was healthy... But I looked into her right nostril and it had some black particles in it, but I didn't change my mind because I thought it was just dust maybe.

But I have had her home now for a couple days and it hasn't gone away, I gave her a shower/bath hoping it would clear up or she would sneeze it out... Got her on a good diet full of veggies and she quite the garbage guts. She doesn't sneeze constantly and seems fairly happy.

I am planning to take her to the vet if it doesn't go away in the next week (was planning to anyways as I have to get my other cockatiel a yearly checkup)

Does anyone have any ideas to what it might be?


Mik :)