New Cockatiel

by Melissa

I just recently purchased a cockatiel from a pet store. A few days after the purchase, I noticed that my bird would sound very congested, and at night, she would sneeze repeatedly. The sneezes sound very deep, as if it may be coming from the lower area of her lungs. Just yesterday, she appeared somewhat lethargic, and now her fecal matter is runny. I also noticed some very slight bobbing of her tail (almost imperceptible unless you observe her closely).

She's still eating well (she actually eats a lot), and her eyes clear and wide open.
I'm hesitant to take her to an avian vet as she's been extremely stressed from changing environments (from the store to our home) yet I'm not certain if this potential illness may progress into something worse. I appreciate any suggestions you may offer.

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Sep 02, 2008
Sick Cockatiel
by: The Vet

DO NOT HESITATE ANY LONGER TO GO TO THE VETERINARIAN! The disease is more likely to cause suffering or death than the stress of the vet visit.

Dr. B

Sep 02, 2008
Sneezing new cockatiel
by: Kralice4u

Please take that baby to the vet. I totally understand your concern about moving it to another environment, but that is where you come in.
Cockatiels are very smart. Talk to it and help it to remain calm during the visit. Coughing and sneezing should not go unattended. Just think of the cockatiel as a small child. When they get sick we take them to the doctor or we get medicine for them. Not having experience with birds, I would not suggest that you medicate it.
I hope this information was helpful.

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