New cockatiel

by Danny

Hi I just got a new cockatiel a couple days ago. And ever since I've had her home she doesn't make much noise at all and I believe she eats when I'm not looking. Her feathers look slightly puffed out and I just wanted to know if she's sick or just adjusting to her new home. Can you please tell me?

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Dec 29, 2011
Update 2
by: Danny

He is about a year old an I got him from a pet store and he was caged very nice there. They specialize in birds. And now he is starting to make noise and eat and he still looks slightly puffed up sometimes but I believe it was because of the other reasons listed. Thank you for the help. But I was also curious if he will be fine while I am at school.

Editor's note:Yes, the bird will be fine while you are at school. Provide some budgie toys to chew etc. to keep him entertained.

Dec 29, 2011
by: Danny

I know he is eating now and he has been making noise also but his feathers still appear puffed out can anyone offer help

Dec 28, 2011
New cockatiel
by: Shannara

Hello, I am not as offical and kind of laid back so I hope what I say is not out of place.
How old is the cockatiel you just brought home?
Was it purchased from an indiviual, a pet store or a breeder? Did you see how it was housed?
A new to home cockateil will often b a bit quite the first week of so as it decides are you freind or foe. A young baby is just learning to sing but will kind of sqauck when hungry.
Is your cockateil perching? If not are the food and water low in cage?
Fluffed up can mean cold. Is there a draft from a heating vent or window?
It can also mean sleepy or comfortably resting this is often indicated with one leg tucked up.
If fluffy is an always thing then seeing an avery vet is the best thing to do.
It is important that a bird eat more then 3 times a day. THEY USE ALOT OF ENERGY playing. A bird will loose weight very fast when sick, If you can weigh your new cockateil and measure the food you put in cage. Not eating means illness seek help ASAP!
Also watch the "pooh" it can tell you quickly when you need to seek help. I beleive there is info here as well as all over online about bird/parrot "pooh" signs.
Congrats on your dear new companion. I hope you enjoy years of love together.

Dec 28, 2011
Bird may not be eating
by: Tracie

Dr B can not tell over the Internet, but if you did not purchase your bird from a breeder that takes their birds to an avian vet for checkups, then it is possible your bird is sick.

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird.

You need to make SURE the bird is eating. You can measure the food in the morning and then again in the afternoon to see how much food the bird has eaten.

Hopefully you are feeding 80% Harrison's or Roudybush pellets and only 80% treats. If you are, you can even count the pellets and see crumbs when the bird has eaten them.

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