New Conure coming home

by Bobbie
(Santa Clara, New Mexico, USA)

I will be adopting an 18 year old Half Moon Conure later this week. I have a Congo African Grey and a Blue and Gold macaw in my large bird room. The conure will be in the same room along with me, my bed and my computer.

Not having had a conure in the past, I am wondering if there is anything special/different I might need to know before the new bird arrives. Thanks-Bobbie in New Mexico
PS - we are not New and we are not Mexico

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Aug 21, 2012
New Conure coming home
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing. BEFORE you bring new bird home, make sure he's been examined by an Avian Vet ONLY in your area. The reason for this is to keep from bringing in any infections or disease to your other birds, and it is mandatory you do this. Moving is stressful on all birds and the older they are, the more stressful it is, so please make sure new bird is examined for infections or other physical issues before coming home. If you have to board him at the vet in case he has an infection please do so, and they'll give him his meds.If you do not do this, he could bring infection or disease to all your other birds who will then have to be examined, diagnosed and treated by an avian vet, so taking him is the best choice.

The other issue is what you are feeding all your birds. All seed diets are extremely low in vitamins, minerals and quality proteins, so you need to change them over to an organic high quality pellet like Harrisons found here. It takes time for the change and below is a link to article about how to go about it:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Make sure all birds are geting enough rest, and this means 12 hours of darkness each night to rest and sleep. This means, turn off the computer and let them go to bed. Your half moon will be a lot like your Macaw in looks and actions. They make wonderful pets, and you will not want any of the birds out at the same time unless they have become friends. Since the Half Moon is so small, he will need to be taken out separately from the others until they get used to him. Make sure avian vet clips his wings--the 4-6 primary feathers which are the ones at the ends of each wing to make sure he does not fly onto the other bird's cages and get a toe torn off.Do not allow them to cut up any higher as this cripples the bird and causes great pain for a long time.

You can find much information about the Half Moons on the internet, so you will need to begin your own study right away.


Aug 20, 2012
New conure coming home.
by: Anonymous

Congrats on the newest member of the fmaily!
Caring for a conure should be much easier then caring for a Grey and a Macaw. You should do fine.

However, consider cage size, The cage should be a minimum of 20 inches tall by 20 inches deep and 30 inches wide. The bars should be spaced one half to three quarters of an inch apart. Bigger the cage the more excercise they will get!

Conures live to be about 25-30 yrs old.

I would suggest keeping the bird on the same food he is used to for the first month as he settles in. My birds all eat pellets, which are bought according to their size. If you feed your current birds pellets, I would wait 2 months and then slowly start switching him over, and buy it in the appropriate size for him.
Pellets (esp. for a bird who is up in age) are extremly high in vitamins and protien. Your birds will all benefit greatly from it. Harrison's and Roudybush are the best on the market, and are both reseaonable in price.

I would also suggest a vet (avian vet) visit to ensure health, as the bird is 18yrs old, if he has not had a visit this passed year.

You don't want to bring a sick bird into the home if you've got 2 more there. (Make sure the conure is healthy.) Keep away from the other birds and wash your hands after cage cleaning, holding, etc. as to not spread anything to the other birds should he be sick, until you get him to the vet.

Otherwise being a current bird owner... caring for the conure should be a cinch!


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