new conure owner

by timmy

Ok here's the deal. I was given this bird prob 2 mnths now. Healthy. But new to me. He hangs upside down against his toys then squaks at it as if he's mad at it. Is this normal behavior? If not, what do I do? We r still getting to know each other n letting him get comfy. I don't know his behavior b4 he came here.

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Dec 27, 2012
Sun Conure Owner!
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

You just inherited the clown of all clowns! Yes, this is normal, they have some amazing personalities. They can be clingy to you as well once they have gotten clear with you on the trust issues! lol. My Sun Conure is now 1 1/2 years old and talks, does tricks, even tells me when she poops so I can go clean it up. It will take some time for you to build such a relationship. Start a routine, repetition helps with trust. Read and Google everything about your bird! Your bird needs a really good diet and set up, this also adds to your birds personality, if your bird is happy, you will be happy, your parrot will react and scream loud to either ALERT you about something, a person passing, a strange movement or that it is bored and wants your attention. My Sun Conure is quiet and only screams to let me know what I just listed.  Bare in mind that your parrot needs out of cage time, lots and lots of attention but do it in a routine or your bird will start to boss you around and scream all day. Mine knows that mornings are busy for me but afternoons are for cuddling and she will keep quiet until then. She also learned to go to sleep at 8 every night, she will even put herself into a snuggle bed even if there is noise or a tv on loud or people talking, she learned to say Night Night. ROUTINE will be your BEST FRIEND and YOUR PARROT will BE AWESOME with IT!

Dec 27, 2012
New conure behavior
by: Tracie

This is perfectly normal behavior. Conures are sooo much fun!! We had a conure that would slide head first down it's toy hook, fireman style, and say "weeeeeee" LOL

We have some great health and behavior articles on our Parrot Training page and you may wish to visit our Conure Information page too. At the bottom there are links to several stories written by other conure owners about their birds.

Hopefully someone has educated you about the benefits of your bird eating a high quality pellet diet. Your bird should be eating 80% high quality pellets and only 20% healthy treats, and that includes seeds.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

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