New green cheek conure.

by Holly Willis
(Medina Ohio)

Hello my name is Holly and on September 29th I got a 9 month old green cheek conure and he is really tame. But he get's scared really easy and every time I put my hand in the cage goes crazy. It is like he someone has done something to this bird and I do not know how to make him not so scared. So can any one help me on this and what to do for this guy thanks. :)

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Oct 20, 2013
New Green Cheek
by: Angela

You've only had the bird a short time and it takes a long time for them to gain your trust and get used to their new surroundings. When you put your hand in the cage to feed/water, move very slowly. Get him used to your hand being there without you forcing him to get on you. Also, when you're walking about the house near the cage, move slowly. When you speak to him, use a low, calm voice. Your bird is very timid, not tame yet. You can open the cage door while you're in the room and let him decide if he wants to come out. If he does, approach him slowly and speak in a soothing voice but don't pick him up. Do this a few times so he gets used to it and then get him to step up. Stand near the cage a few moments while he's on you and then put him back so he feels safe. It will take time and patience but it will work out in the end.

Oct 16, 2013
Green cheek conure
by: Holly Willis

Hello he is scared of everything he is one flighty bird. He is not only scared when I put my hand in the cage he is scared of me moving around. Maybe something happen to this guy and that I am not aware of. I mean he is even scared when I am holding him. His feet holds on so tight that he starts shaking. This bird is not sick he is very healthy I really think something happen to him and that is sad.

Oct 16, 2013
New conure training
by: Tracie

I am unsure when the bird is "tame" is the bird only scared when you put your hand in the cage? If so, you may want to open the cage door and allow the bird to come out and then pick the bird up.

We have some training articles you can read if you follow this Parrot Training page link.

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