New Hahn's Macaw

by Amy

I have a newly adopted Hahn's macaw. He is presently quarantined in my sunny, warm family room, on a separate floor from my other birds. When we got him a few days ago, I noticed that his nares are pinkish, but not inflamed or infected looking. I have been watching him - he eats well, plays, vocalizes and eliminates normally. He was very stressed, leaving his former owner, whom he was very attached to.

I was waiting to have him checked out by the vet,so I wouldn't totally stress him out, but decided that I will take him in to the avian vet this afternoon. I've contacted a few Hahn's breeders online by email about the pinkish nares, but none have gotten back to me. I'm thinking he may have some sort of respiratory infection in the works, due to his all seed diet in his former home. (maybe a vitamin A deficiency?) I've introduced him to Roudybush pellets, sweet potato birdie bread, and fruits and veggies to improve his diet. He also has been shaking his head, but only when he gets ready to talk. (sinus/ear involvement?) Any advice is welcome! Thank you!

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May 03, 2010
Vet's Visit
by: Amy

Well, we took our new Hahn's to the avian vet on Thursday, as stated. The vet said his nares looked normal, and after closely examining them, and listening to his breathing,etc., he ruled out infection. I would have preferred a swab be done of his choana. I did ask about this, but he said it wasn't necessary.
He did do a gram stain, psittacosis, polyoma, pacheco's and pbfd test. We'll know in 2 weeks if everything is ok. He still has until May 24th to complete his quarantine though. He's an adorable little guy, and he really warmed right up to us. He talks constantly. His little voice sounds like one of those cartoon voices that are sped up to hyper speed. We love him!

Apr 29, 2010
New Hahn's Macaw nares
by: Tracie

Well Amy, it seems you have all the bases covered well. It is good you going ahead and taking the bird to the avian vet. It will be more stressful for the bird if he has an illness that doesn't get treated.

Fortunately for this bird, he is now in the hands of a good person that will love and care for him properly. Congratulations on your new bird!

I can't think of anything to add, but Linda, a nice lady that often replies to people on this website, might have some things to add. She was a breeder for over 20 years I believe.

Let us know what you find out at the vet's office. It might encourage others that have birds with the same symptoms.

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