new indian ringneck training

i just brought home a 13 month indian ringneck and he is not tamed at all he does not come on your fingers and bites how should i handle him?

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Feb 28, 2012
Training an indian ringneck parakeet
by: Tracie

One of the most important things you can do, is to just sit next to the cage as often as possible. Sit and read books, eat, whatever. You want to gain the bird's trust, you want the bird to feel comfortable with you there.

You will slowly be able to lure the bird over to the bars with treats etc., then move to putting a treat on your hand and on and on.

We have some training materials, as well as some important parrot health articles, on our Parrot Training page. If your bird is eating colored pellets or no pellets at all, then please read the Switching Birds To Pellets article so that your bird will live a long healthy life.

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