New Kakariki not active

I bought a new Kakariki a week ago. We already have 2 of them, super fun and active from day1, and 2 cockatiels. The new Kakariki is completely inactive. He sleeps all day, or eats, doesn t explore anything. His behaviour is more cockatiel like!

He is 8 weeks old. I took it back to the pet shop, who said that he was absolutely fine, and might just be intimidated by the other birds. To be fair, when we arrived in the pet shop, he suddenly got lively and walked around the cage like a Kakariki would do. Did he hear his mates there?

I don't buy the timid argument. As I write this, he is alone in our very big cage, wide open as the other birds are free in the house, and stays there like a lemon. Do you think that buying another bird from the pet shop might make him change? It is a bit of a risk to take as I don't want to have two lemons...

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Apr 28, 2015
New Kakariki not active
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi there I'm not an expert but it sounds as your bird is a little scared. Maybe he/she needs a little time to get settled in and to trust you and your other birds.
Play with your other birds and let him/her see your interaction with them and very soon he/she would learn to trust you. Try offering a peanut or some other treat after you've given treats to your other birds. Don't stay too long when offering him/her the treat and don't force anything either.
Stand close to the cage and speak very softly, say things like, "hello how are you, you're so pretty, I love you! Do you love me?". He/she would know that you mean no harm and will trust you and your other birds too.
I had a bird that was behaving in the same manner and I did what I mentioned above. Surprisingly about three days after as I opened his cage in the morning and he jumped straight onto my shoulder; that's when he knew he could've trusted me.
Many of us may need to get comfortable in new surroundings before we can interact with people we just met. Give it a couple of days and he/she will come around hopefully! Good luck and God bless your little one and you.

Apr 27, 2015
New bird not active
by: Tracie

It is VERY normal for new birds to be "still" for a few days, until they assess their new environment. He doesn't know who or what is safe there, he needs time to adjust to you and the other birds.

He will also have to discover his pecking order with other birds, so be very, very careful when allowing him out with other birds.

Try spending time with him next to the cage, without forcing the bird to interact with you at first. Talk calmly, give treats etc.

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