new keets

by virginia
(fontana california usa)

I just purchased 2 Keets and they are not active, they just sit on their perch together in one corner.They do feed. When I talk to them the female does respond.
they are very healthy. do i need time for them to adjust to their new surroundings ?

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Jun 09, 2009
Possible Sick Birds
by: Linda

Birds do react badly to being moved to strange surroundings, and should normally be left alone for at least 5-7 days except for feeding watering and cleaning. However, it is also common for new birds to become ill from stress of move, and there is always the possibility they were sick to begin with. If you bought them from a pet store, more than likely they are sick and in need of treatment.Pet store birds sometimes come from breeders who are less than attentive to their needs, and they are sold to the pet stores sick. Most of them die before people buy them, and sometimes people do buy them and have to take them to vet. It is always a good idea to take new birds, puppies, kittens and any other kind of pets to the vet. In the case of birds, it needs to be a qualified Avian Vet who knows about birds and other exotics.

Please make an appointment with an avian vet asap and have them do a few tests to determine if they have infections. If so, they will be given the correct medicine to get them well. Both birds need to go at the same time because when one is sick, the other will also be sick.

Let us know what vet said and how your birds are doing after taking their meds. All birds take time to adjust to a new home, and this sounds like your birds are ill plus being stressed. Hope it works out for the good.


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