New Mummy to Cheko the Green Cheek Conure - behaviour

by Nic
(Brisbane Queensland Australia)

Hi all, I am very new mummy and am a little worried about his behaviour or lack of actually. He is eating a little but other than that - nothing Cheko is just sitting there on his perch not doing anything.. we picked him up today and

I dont know if he is getting used to his surroundings or if he is sick he is a little puffed up. I did cover his cage as I thought he may be tired and need some rest - that is the
only time we have heard him speak.

Is this normal???

Thanks guys for reading and I would really appreciate some advice.

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Dec 18, 2010
New conure is quiet
by: Tracie

Yes, it is probably getting used to it's new home and new people. It is possible it is sick too, depending on where/who you purchased from. If the bird has not been seen by an avian vet, then you should consider making an appointment.

Please make sure you convert your bird to a healthy pellet diet, if it is not already eating non-colored pellets. Our avian vet suggests Harrison's High Potency Fine for conures or Roudybush pellets.

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Also, please visit our Conure Information page. At the bottom are stories others have written about their conures and also one story I wrote about when we brought home our new green cheeked conures.

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