New Order Arrived and is as Wonderful as Expected!

by Linda
(Limestone Tennessee)

Eli and Stella Red-Lored Amazons

Eli and Stella Red-Lored Amazons

We just received our new order of bird supplies, and are more than pleased. The food is, of course, Harrison's at its very best and freshest, and the Goldenfeast they love is also fresh and ready to chomp down on. Thanks for the sample treat food, and they will be getting some of it shortly!

We are very happy to have found your site, and it is a pleasure buying from a Seller of such a high caliber. We wish for everyone to know how wonderful you are and to understand there is much more than food and toys here. There is INFORMATION, and that is a very valuable aspect of shopping the site.

Picture is of Eli and Stella in their relatively new HQ cage. This one is one of their Macaw cages and has a pull-out divider in the middle so people can separate a pair of birds or have two different species in the same cage. We've been very pleased with quality of workmanship, and also fact that PowderCoat was proven to have lead/zinc at the safest levels like almost not being there at all. The lighter cages like brass and white have more zinc though it is still at safe levels. This is true for all light and brass cages. The testing was done here in the US at a University in Lousiana, so we know results have not been tainted.

Thanks again and Many Blessings to Tracie and her Family from the Grindstaff's.