new parakeet scared

by Bobbi

i received a parakeet for christmas and i was wondering why when i go to let him climb on my finger or hold him, he goes crazy, the first day he would climb on my finger but after that when i put my hand in the cage he just starts flapping all over, also what is the best way to hold him so he cannot get loose on me

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Jan 02, 2011
Scared new bird
by: Tracie

Sometimes the first day the bird arrives, it is so scared that it allows the owner to do more than it will once it has been there a few more hours.

You will need to be patient. Sit by the cage, talk calmly to the bird, and don't put your hands in the cage unless necessary. Once the bird is comfortable with you by the cage, then you can open the door several times a day and just put your hand in there, not moving it toward the bird.

Just move slowly, meaning take it as slow as the bird needs you to go. You should take your bird to an avian vet for a checkup, wing trim and vaccine before you open the cage door enough that the bird might escape.

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