New Parakeet

by Felicia

I just got a new parakeet for Christmas. I'm so excited,I named her Chula. I change her food and water everyday and clean cage every other day. Haven't bought any toys yet. But my question is how do I know how old she is? Also I haven't seen her drink her water. And she hasn't said anything, no singing.

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Dec 28, 2009
New Parakeet questions
by: Tracie

You sound like you are a good bird mama. :-)

If you have a budgie parakeet, then it may be possible to tell what gender it is after it is 6 months old, but you can not tell what age it is, sorry.

Most male parakeets cere turn blue when they reach breeding age. I say most, because some birds cere does not change. I have a yellow male budgie that does not have a blue cere. (The cere is the place where the nostrils are, just above the beak.)

It will take a few days for your bird to adjust to you and it's new home. Some budgies talk up a storm and some do not. Our two male budgies will repeat many things that we say, sometimes after only hearing it a couple of times. Their voice is so hard to understand, that some strangers can not make out what they are saying.

We have some articles on parrot health and training on our Parrot Training page if you would like to go there and read about caring for your bird.

I would like to encourage you to feed your bird a healthy uncolored pellet diet. If you feed your bird an all seed diet, it will not live very long and may develop fatty liver disease. If your bird only sees seed as food, you will want to read our Switching Birds to Pellets article to help you convert your bird without starving him in the process.

Congratulations and thanks for writing.

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