new patagonian parrot

by Becky
(tucson arizona)

we were given a patagonian conure about 2 weeks ago. we r trying to learn the things he or she does. how do we gain it's trust? I am not sure how it was treated before. We are in the process of getting him a new cage and toys.Thanks Becky

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Jun 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have one to. boy named Farley. They are very good talkers if you work with them. He is so clear.I've had him for yrs. I never used to have to pull him out with a towel, but I do now. Once I get him out he is a total sweetheart. He loves to be stroke, hang on your shoulder, loves the water (I run alittle tub water and he plays in it w/supervision of course) and love us to clean him ( if the feather is tuff you just take it between your finger and softly go back and forth it should clear it looks like if you were to shed a dog.)He also will make a kissing sound and gives kisses. He live in one of the black iron cages. I leave it open during the day and close and cover him at night. Have a great time. He just hangs on the cage. Hes fine there. Take your time I pulled him out of a smokers house and he hated us for about 2 months. It will happen.....

Jun 18, 2012
Patagonian Parrot help
by: Tracie

Congratulations! Please read our training materials on our Parrot Training page for help in the training process and also read the health articles too.

You will want to get the largest cage you can afford with preferably 3/4" or 5/8" bar spacing. If your bird is not eating high quality pellets, then please read our Switching Birds To Pellets article to help your bird live longer and have few to no health problems in it's lifetime. A Lixit water bottle will keep the water fresh and keep the bird from getting a bacterial infection from dirty water.

Finally, it is important to toss the cheap wood perch that comes with the cage and get a variety of perches for the bird. Get rid of the idea that a perch has to go from one side of the cage to the other. I like to put a Rope Boing down the middle of the cage that gives access to other perches around the cage.

We keep a Safe Pedicure Perch at the water bottle and food dish to keep the nails trimmed. Then we have other natural wood branches at toy stations keeping everything arranged so that the bird doesn't poop on other toys or perches.

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