New Pet Parakeet

by Jamie

We have had our new pet parakeet for 2 weeks. He only eats his pellet/seed when we take out the honey seed treat. I do not ever see him drinking any water. Should I assume that he is since he is eating and his poop seems to be fine?

He never plays with his toys. When he first came home I was able to pet him alot in his cage but now he seems moody and wants to bite when I put my hand near him in the cage. Not so bad when he is out of his cage. We take him out of the cage for 10-30 minutes every evening and let him walk around and be with us. He will walk up us and get on our shoulder so he really is not a bad bird.

I understand that parakeets do not like the dark and silence so when we are gone during the day we leave the ceiling light and radio on in the room his cage is kept in. Wondering if this is too much light or is it ok to leave them in this much light all day?

Should I be concerned that my parakeet is not playing with his toys and pretty much perches in one place since we have only had him for 2 weeks.

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Jul 23, 2009
New Birdy
by: Linda

I second the Congratulations on your new, sweet birdy friend.

It would be a great idea to make an appointment for him with an Avian vet in your area to make sure he is healthy. Birds should go to vet at least once a year to make sure they are doing well, and new birds should ALWAYS be taken to the vet for a good, overall checkup.

After, you find that he is healthy or finish treating any problems the vet may find, you may wish to provide him with a playtop playpen with perches, ladder and toys. He may also be lonely during the day and needs more that 30 minutes out of the cage with you each day.

As for lights, if your home is kind of dark, you need to buy one of the Bird lights that Drs Foster & Smith have. They come as a set with the bulb already in the fixture. All you would need do is to hang it above bird's cage--make sure bird cannot get access to light or the cord. We tape ours to the ceiling and the wall to keep birds from touching them. This kind of light is made to simulate full spectrum light like is outside. The bulb in regular light fixture does nothing to give them the kind of light they need.

Tracie sells full spectrum lighting also. She sells bulbs that you can put in your own light fixture and also the Zoo Med Lamp and bulbs.

Birds need approximately 12 hours of daylight a day and 12 hours of darkness so they can rest each night. It does not HAVE to be 12, but somewhere in that range is very good.

It does take birds a while to "get to know" new toys, and mine will shun new things for a week or so. Your bird may not feel well, so be sure to make appointment for him to see an Avian Vet in your area.

Keep us posted on how he does!

Jul 23, 2009
Thank you
by: Jamie

Thanks for the quick comment. This makes me feel a little better knowing that maybe he will adjust more to us the longer we have him. My daughter is 6 yrs old and is adjusting very well to the new pet. The biting is a little scary for her but I explain to her not to let him intimidate her by this.
Hopefully soon he will play with his toys and chat more with us.
Thanks again.

Jul 22, 2009
New parakeet questions
by: Tracie

Congratulations on getting a new friend!

Most birds I know will not eat their pellets when seed or especially seed treats that are sweet, are present. We give our budgies Harrison's pellets in the morning and Totally Organics Napolean Seeds in the evening. We determine the amount of seed to be given in the evening according to how much pellets they ate during the day. We don't want them to get fatty liver disease.

Your bird might be becoming cage territorial. Our birds protect their cage with a passion. It is normal bird behavior, but we found a way around it with our Conures.

I discovered accidentally one winter, that when I had on my long sleeved jacket I could not feel their biting. They came down an pecked me like normal, when I did not allow them to come out before putting my arm in their cage. Once they figured out that I would not remove my arm quickly, they actually gave up attacking it.

I decided to experiment with this. (I know, totally selfish on my part.) After about the 3rd day, they would gripe at me from the perch and act like they were going to attack, but they would not actually come down and attack me.

I do not recommend the above, but thought I would share the information for a possible time that you must put your hand in the cage without allowing the bird to come out on it's own first.

It is not unusual for a new bird to ignore toys. It is possible that you have not found toys it likes also. Provide a variety of toys, so you can see what your bird likes.

Our budgies like thin tongue depresser toys, things with bells, toys with short strings hanging off of them and toys that move and make sound. They don't play all day with toys, just once in a while. (The conures tend to like toys they can beat up and destroy.)

I don't think the birds can get too much light during the day time hours.

I hope you and your bird enjoy a long happy life together. :-)

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