New quaker parrot with some particularities

by Cedric F. Ghorayeb
(Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada)

Hi I just got a new quaker parrot that has a featherless spot on its head and other feathers growing over its body (white pins). I just wondered what that meant since we're not talking about a baby but a 4 y.o quaker. He is really kind though and doesn't really bite so I figured he didn't suffer abuse.

Also, in 2 days he will have been through 3 big trips (1h - 1h30) in a cardboard box with holes. I was wondering if I could do something for him so he could recover better from stress. Also, it is a friend of mine that will take care of him for the final trip to my own house so he will have seen me for 1 day and him for 1 day. Will he be badly confused? I just don't want him to get sick. Thank you and have a happy new year!

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Dec 31, 2008
New Quaker particularities
by: The Vet

Missing feathers is not normal and should be looked at by an avian veterinarian. Birds need to see the vet annually and have their vaccines boosted as well as have some normal screening blood work done.

For travel you should get him something more comfortable and less stressful than a cardboard box. There are many carriers and travel cages available now and a cardboard box is inappropriate for such travel.

He will not be too confused. He should adjust to the travel and different people OK. Given all of this stress, a visit to you vet is a good idea.

Dr. B

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