New Ringneck...wings cut too short!

by Kristen
(Sacramento, CA)

This is Mango <3 I believe I saved him last night from a bad home.

This is Mango <3 I believe I saved him last night from a bad home.


Yesterday, I was on the web looking for a bird cage...I came across an add for a Ringneck Parrot (ex owner says Indian, I think African judging by size and beak color). I noticed immediately in the pictures that the poor bird's wings had basically been butchered and were very short. I felt very bad for this bird, and I could not pass him up. I drove 3 hours south to pick him up, the woman told me he was her friends pet and that she had been the one to clip his wings that short.

I am unsure who is to blame, all I know is it should be criminal what they did to this little guy. He is very sweet, does not bite...however, you can tell he is psychologically damaged from this butchering of his wings...he has a very sad demeanor, almost like in mourning. I could not leave this bird with this person, I can only imagine what he faced in their home.

I just want to know if he will be ok, will they grow back? What sort of precautions do I need to take to ensure his safety while he heals?

I am not new to bird ownership by far, I have had my share of small parrots...however, I have never experienced this issue...I usually do not clip wings and certainly have never seen such shortly clipped wings.

I am including one of the pictures from the add...I could notice the wings right away. Also, if you could confirm my thoughts that this is indeed an African Ringneck and not an Indian...I am pretty confident that it is an ARN, just would like the confirmation.

I just want the little guy to get better, my heart is breaking for him and what he must have experienced. He is such a sweet baby and deserves the best!

Thank you for any and all help!

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Apr 22, 2013
African Ringneck parrot with wings cut short
by: The Avian Vet

Depending on where the feathers we're cut, he should be OK. Keep him off of high places like shoulders, cage tops, etc. Do not trim his nails as this will make his balance more off.

Give the bird some time. Allow them to regrow. There are techniques that can help such as imping and pulling feathers under anesthesia to force regrowth quicker.

This is an African ringneck parrot.

You can bring him to me or find an avian vet in Sacramento. Find an Avian Vet

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