new senegal won't go in cage

i have purchased a 3year old senegal parrot just over a week ago he will not go near anyone and wont go back to cage what can i do

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Aug 10, 2009
by: Linda

A new parrot needs to be put in and left in cage for 5-7 days when they are first brought home. They need time to get settled in and feel more secure in cage. This time is for him to get used to his perches, toys, food and water dishes and the family routine. After that period, he can then be brought out of cage.

If your bird is not tame, you will need to look at some of the training aids Tracie has out here and other places on the internet. DO NOT LET OTHER PEOPLE NEAR HIM RIGHT NOW UNTIL HE IS USED TO YOU, HIS CAGE AND HIS NEW HOME. You are putting too much stress on him, and he may get sick from all of it. Remember he is small, afraid of everything new, and give him some space.

As for getting him in and out of cage, this is called taming and training. Birds do not automatically know how to step up on finger or hand, they have to be taught, so find training materials and get a good book and start learning how to work with your bird.

Before beginning any training, please take him to an Avian vet in your area for a thorough checkup to make sure he is infection/parasite-free and has no other problems that would show in simple blood tests. This vet trip is absolutely necessary before teaching him anything as sick birds do not learn.

So, get a small hand-towel, put it over his body and wings, and hold him to keep him from flapping while you put him in cage. After you get him in there, wait until he has been to an Avian vet and then start teaching him to step up on a stick using the command "UP". Stick or perch is placed in front of lower abdomen above feet giving him room to raise his leg and step up. Once he is getting up on a stick, then use your hand or finger. You may get bit, and that is part of taming and training a parrot. They all will bite as they are wild animals not domesticated.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK, AND LET HIM REST AND GET TO KNOW YOU. TRUST IS EARNED NOT GIVEN, SO LET HIM KNOW YOU CARE ABOUT HIM AND THE TRUST WILL COME. Also make sure his cage is large enough so he can fully spread out his wings and flap them if he wishes. Too small a cage will cause him to lose his mind.


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