New smaller Goldn'obles pellets

by Gina

I just got in those new Goldn'obles pellets for smaller birds. Boy, do they ever smell GOOD!! I am tempted to try them myself. LOL

Question... My bourkes keets are shoving the pellets out of the bowl, does that mean they don't like them? I hope the budgies will like them. I know the tiels and conures LOVE them already!! They think I just fed them candy I think. :-)

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May 17, 2010
Update on smaller Goldn'obles pellets
by: Tracie

Harrison's is still the preferred pellet in our home. We were just experimenting with the Goldn'obles since they were a new product.

I suggest that the new pellets only be fed to Conure size birds and up. The smaller birds really like smaller pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush. Harrison's is the healthiest pellet available.

May 14, 2010
Smaller Goldn'obles bird pellets
by: Tracie

I think your Bourke's parakeets are thinking you put some foreign material in their food bowl. They may not recognize them as food for a day or even months. It took me a year to get a parakeet weaned to pellets to eat seed once.

The smaller Goldn'obles pellets are ideal for conure sized birds, but I have found that the smaller birds love them too! I have two small American budgies that like them.

They do smell great, but my husband DID try them and he said the smell better than they taste and the birds could have them. LOL

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