new sun conure questions

by stephanie

yesterday we adopted a 12 week sun conure he does not really bite he was with his sibling but we only bought him so my question are is it normal that he really hasnt eaten much of his food? we bought him the Harrison's mix for conures he really hasnt touched much of it also ive tried to give him some veggies and fruit and he seems most not interested in them or sprouts.

everytime i go to talk to him or touch him he starts screetching is this normal behavior? or does he hate me? do you think its because he doesnt know me well enough yet or because he misses his sibling? he will sit on my shoulder for hours at a time but if i go to reach up and touch her she starts screetching again how do i bond with her how do i fix this?

i want her to like me and be happy and healthy also this is my first bird. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. she also tries to eat my clothes prefers shirts.

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Jan 10, 2012
New Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

It seems to me, your new bird is scared. It's a new home, new cage, new everything. A bird's homecoming is always a stressful time for your bird. Try to make sure to interact with him, and keep the room noise level to a bare minium until he's settled in.

Sometimes they will not eat bc of the stress. Watch to make sure he is not starving himself. remember if he's poopin, he's eating. So make sure to change the papers in his cage daily, this will give you an idea of how much he's eating by his waste.

A feeding sun conure would typically poop about every 10 minutes or so.

(this knowlege has helped me potty train several birds!)

If your little one's appetite doesnt improve in a couple days, you should consult an avian vet to rule out illness.

However I honestly believe it's just stress of a new home. Just dont let him starve himself to death, get him to a vet if it doesnt improve.


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