new to amazon parrot

by mickay
(renton )

i just got a 4year old amazon parrot..what do i do first?

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Jan 06, 2012
New to Amazon parrots
by: Tracie

Oh wow, I am sooooo hoping you did some research before bringing this bird home. Amazon's are great birds, but some go through hormonal stages where they can not be handled for a few years.

First, Find an Avian Vet to examine the bird to make sure it is healthy.

Second, convert the bird to a diet of 80% pellets and only 20% healthy treats, and that includes some seed. Read our Switching Birds To Pellets article and understand it may take offering your bird pellets for a year before the bird decides they are food. Patience is the key.

Purchase books and read all you can about Amazon Parrots online. Learn about their body language so you can have a good relationship with the bird and NOT get bit and possibly need surgery.

We have some training materials on our Parrot Training pagethat may be helpful.

Make sure the cage is large enough that the bird has plenty of room to stretch out it's wings and yet has plenty of things to chew and destroy.

Read our Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list to make sure your bird doesn't chew or breath anything toxic. (Clipped wings are very important for training and safety.)

Have you read our Amazon Parrot information page? It has stories written by Amazon owners at the bottom of the page.

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