New (to me) GCC won't stop biting...

by Vicky
(Bristol, CT)

My best friend gave me a Green Cheek Conure (Zeke) that she has had for a few years now. We do not know how old he is, but can guess he's around 10 years. He used to be very sweet with her, but when she stopped being home enough, and stopped holding him, he became very aggressive. He even took a chunk off her mother's arm and left a scar. I have tried all day to hold him and he just keeps biting me, one left a hefty bruise on my finger, the other drew blood on the back of my hand. My maintenance man came over, stuck his hand in, and picked him right up, no bites!! He was able to scratch him and pet him, but Zeke wouldn't let me near him. I don't understand why he only bites me :( any help would be greatly appreciated...

Also, my friend said he's a mean drunk. That's right, she gave him alcohol. I'm not sure if that could have done some permanent damage to him.

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Jul 12, 2013
GC conure biting solution
by: Tracie

I don't know if alcohol damaged it's health or not, but it certainly is not good for birds. :-( I am glad you have the bird now.

Green cheeks have a reputation for being nippy and can get downright nasty attitudes if not trained. Our GCC's went from sweet and cuddly to nippy early on, when they reached breeding age. At that point they decided my husband was the preferred person.

Because they DID pick someone they liked, my husband was able to train them to stop nipping me, but they remained cage territorial so we had to let them come out of the cage on their own. Learning their body language, so that we could respect when they wanted to be left alone, was important too.

Please visit this Parrot Training page link for more help in training your bird. I have the information on how my husband got our GCC's to stop biting us there.

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