New Yellow-Naped Part 2

by Shawn
(New Hampshire)

Hi again guys,
My new "neglected amazon" is taking pretty well to her new home. I went out and bought her a 32 x ?? which is more almost quadruple the size inside as her last. She is on a seed diet currently and I wasnt sure if I should try to change her yet.

Should I give a month or two for her to get used to her home more before changing more things on her? I also noticed it seems she only eats the sunflower seeds out of it. Is there a way to stop this? I have been giving her fresh fruit and vegetables which she has never had in her life as well as a ton of toys.

Another question I have is she seems to be losing a lot of white feathers with a random 1 or two with green tips. Is this plucking? I have also found 1-2 of her cut off flight feathers do these come out when new ones are ready to be grown? I want to let her grow them all out so she can fly around.

Thanks in advance for the answers to my questions and I apologize for bombarding you all with questions. Although I am sure these wont be the last being a new and first time bird owner.



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Sep 19, 2008
Yellow Nape molting
by: Tracie

Hello Shawn,

I think you should go ahead and introduce a quality pellet, like Totally Organics or Harrison's. I have instructions that our vet wrote in our Parrot Training section. Just click the 6th button on your left that reads "Parrot Training" to find the article (or copy and paste the link below).

It sounds like she is molting. If you don't see bare patches or chewed feathers on her body, then I would think that is it. If you ever do see her chewing feathers, not just preening, then don't make a big deal in front of her. This could cause her to do it even more for attention.

That is great that you want her to fly. Just remember that you will need to make your house parrot proof. If she can fly and chew something toxic or get caught in a mouse trap, fly out an open door, get hit by a ceiling fan, etc. then keep her wings clipped or only let her out in a safe room.

So many people write about a bird that flew out the door when someone opened it unexpectedly or the bird landed on a picture on the wall and it fell and killed the bird and on and on. Another thing is a bird flying and attacking a visitor or even a family member unexpectedly.

It sounds like you are doing great! Not many people will take on an Amazon as a first bird!

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