Newly adopted 5yr old Meyers parrot biting issues

by sunkitty68
(san clemente, ca)

Hi I hope someone can help me. I purchased a Meyers parrot for my birthday last Thursday. At the bird store I visited this bird Wed and Thur before purchasing. The bird was on the front counter on an open perch. The bird was very friendly, had a soft look to her eyes and rode around on my shoulder happily. She was not nippy, was very quiet and talked well. These are all the reasons I fell in love with her(or him).

Thursday she was well mannered and delt with the ride home and new cage well. Friday morning I took her out and she violently bit my lower lip, puncturing it and giving me a fat lip. I chalked it up to new environment. I put her on the floor for a minute to correct her. Put her back in her cage for 20 min. She was friendly and talkative the rest of the day. Saturday she was the same, friendly and playful. We let her out for an hour or two with with rests in her cage in between. Then at 5 pm when while riding on my shoulder she freaked out and attacked my face again. This time puncturing my cheek. Again I earthquaked her and put her on the floor.

I guessed she may have been overloaded and tired and put her to bed. Then Sunday I let her eat and sleep(seems to be a routine in am from old home) She seemed to prefer to come out to play after 2pm. So I tried to calmly take her out at 2pm. This time she was calm until I was a ft from her cage when she bit my hand this time....I was keeping her far from my face. These are not nips these are violent attacks that draw blood.

I moved her from a tall cage to a shorter cage so she was below chest level, I have moved her to a quieter room, I have sat and talked with her last night. She scream s for me it I am not in room. She reached thru bars to hold my finger but her eyes pin and she tries to bit me thru cage and if I am not available will bit her own leg. I am confused and in pain. Should I take her back?

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Jun 05, 2011
slow down
by: Kathy

My husband I adopted a male Meyers parrot several years back that also had biting issues. It seems the bird was very used to a routine and did not like change. He had been passed around a bit after his original owner could no longer keep him. He was also under-nourished from the seed diet his last owners tried to force on him. When we first brought him home, I also started handling him right away and got bit (in the neck, that hurt!). We decided to give him some space and payed attention to him by talking to him in his cage. He eventually let us pet him through the bars and he will now sit with my husband (this took about 2 years). He is still a bit jumpy but has improved.
Maybe you just need to take it slower with your Meyer's. I agree that you should definitely NOT let him/her ride on your shoulder. The main thing is to take it slow with your bird.
Good luck!

Jun 02, 2011
Maximillion or Conure now?
by: Tracie

Please research both birds, both on this site and others, and decide what you feel is best for your home. Pionus tend to be calmer and quieter, but have a bigger bite if they become aggressive. Conures are clowns, but can be nippy and screechy when they want attention. All birds are noisy and messy though. ;-)

Choose a bird on our Parrot Profiles Page and then look at the bottom of the species page for stories written by owners of that species too.

Also, if this pet store does not have their birds examined by an avian vet before selling them, then I would find a reputable breeder to purchase from that has guaranteed healthy birds. If you choose to purchase from the pet store, take the bird to an avian vet right away for and exam and vaccine.

Find an Avian Vet

Jun 01, 2011
Bye bye birdie
by: sunkitty68

I called the bird store for help with the problems and the insisted I bring the bird back and return him. I cried. They said it sounded like the bird blamed me for something and will blame me for it. I have my name in for a hand fed baby grey cheeked conure or a Max. Any suggestions there?

May 31, 2011
New Meyer's parrot biting
by: Tracie

I am of the opinion that you are moving too fast for this bird. Back up, and have an adjustment time and a getting to know each other time.

At the store, she had a routine and it seems was friendly with customers. Now she is at your home and is only with you and possibly your family if you live with others.

You need to get to know her body language, so you can see when she does not like something, so you can respect her wishes. Do NOT put her on your shoulder, where you can not see her eyes or if she is puffing to show displeasure. (I am not talking about when the bird fluffs and looks content, but fluffs to make itself "big" and scary to get you away.)

We have training material on our Parrot Training page and we also have some great books on caring for birds and body language in our store.

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