Newly adopted parrot

by Kate

Hello! I just adopted a 3 year old male White Belly Caique on Sunday. The previous owners had a baby and therefore had no more time for him. He is such a joyful little bird and we instantly clicked.

I was nervous at first bringing him home because I feared that my 13 year old female African Grey would be upset. She is my baby! It has been 3 days since I brought him home, and has gone to the vet and came back with a clean bill of health. Therefore I am trying to introduce him to my Grey.

She has been around other birds before from boarding, (I have a Parrotlet too but he lives in another room of the house). She doesnt seem terrified of the new Caique, but if he tries to move very close to her she panics and has to be pressed into me like "save me mom!" He is completely submissive to her, and puts his head down to be preened.

Now I am not asking them to be best friends at all, I just want them to be able to tolerate each others presence, because after all, they are living in the same room together (but different cages of course). My Grey has even started repeating some of his noises in just one day!

I know I can give them equal attention but my biggest fear is that my Grey is going to be upset.. will she accept this new roommate? What are some tricks to introducing them on equal grounds? I have heard from multiple bird owners that putting them in a shower together sometimes works.. I am willing to try anything to make my baby Grey most comfortable (after all he seems accepting already) Thanks!