newly adopted

by Mary Blake
(, Ont ,Canada)

I we just adopted a lovely 8 yr old quaker and he is and seems quite healthy he does however have some OCD Issues he does not want anyone near his cage he will bite the hand that feeds yet he is tame and hops on ur shoulder any advice? and he is a plucker he has nooooo tail feathers the the best we can do for a vet in 3 weeks he will be in our lil town thnx we love him hes going to adjust easily .we just want some advice how to stop his biting and plucking

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May 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

My quaker LOVED having a bath either in the sink with warm (not hot) water sprinkled on him with my fingers or to stand on a perch designed for being in a shower/bath and having mist sprayed gently on him. Bathing might alleviate itchiness.

Good luck with your new pet! Quakers are a really cool bird :)

Feb 23, 2010
Stop Plucking
by: Anonymous

Parrot plucking is a huge problem in the parrot community. There are many things that could cause a parrot to pluck. You already ruled out one which is disease by taking him to the AVIAN vet (not a dog or cat one).
I suggest you give him fun shredding toys to get his mind off his feathers. Another toy that would use some imagination is foraging toys. You can find them at your local bird store as well as the shredding toys such as weaved toys.

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