Newly rescued Sun Conure in Reno

by John Nordgaard
(Reno, NV)

Hello, We adopted a 5-7 Y.O. Sun Conure about 3 weeks ago. She does have a medical history which baffled the avian vet recommended by the rescue people here (she was suddenly paralyzed and could have died but she seems OK now)!

We have also rescued a Senegal (M) and Red Lored Anmazon (F) but my question is this. Punkin does NOT seem in ill health (yes, I know they hide things well) but has this little sound that resembles a sneeze. Not an all day ongoing thing but I seem to be the only one who notices or questions it.

She's adapted well here and eats apple, banana and her higher quality diet the parrot rescue folks use so she IS NOT "off her feed" and she appears to be hydrating OK?! I am not experienced enough to know what such a small liddle sweetie's cough or sneeze might sound like but I know NW Reno has alot of wind and stuff so ANY advice, direction, guidance would be appreciated!

She's already beat the devil once recently and I also know that "stuff happens" so...?! If my wife even thought it was serious she would opt for the vet but she hasn't noticed! We love our birds as a large part of the family so we'd like to keep lil Punkin safe and well! She's a noisy, her own agenda-filled delight!

Respectfully and Thank You... John Nordgaard in Reno, NV

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Jun 24, 2011
by: Lori

My sun conure makes a sound that sounds like a sneeze but has never been sick a day in his life.
It just seems to be a sound he has picked up like the kissing noise he makes.But its always better to get it checked out if it concerns you.

Jun 23, 2011
Conure possibly sneezing
by: Tracie

I am not clear if your bird just came from the avian vet or not? If your bird has not seen the avian vet since the paralysis problem, then you should take the bird for a check up.

It could be that your bird is imitating a sound it heard, or it could be the beginning of a respiratory infection. It could be something else entirely.

The previous paralysis could have been egg binding, and egg binding is a result of not being on a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's or Roudybush. Sun Conures have a reputation of laying eggs, by the way.

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