Night Frights?

by Julie

I've heard several references to birds having night frights. I have never heard of this before. Can you please clarify exactly what this is? Thanks!

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Oct 20, 2009
night frights
by: Lynn

My cockatiel, Greta, has night frights from time to time. I do cover her at night but sometimes the dog goes by her cage and hits it with her tail and this startles Greta. I turn on a light and uncover the front of her cage and talk to her. She calms down and then goes back to sleep. My Grey never has them. I think it is commom in cockatiels.

Oct 19, 2009
by: Linda

Night Frights are also known as Thrashing, and are caused when something wakes birds up suddenly during the night. They wake up very disoriented and usually fall to the floor and thrash around usually hurting themselves in some way. Sometimes, they will break blood feathers and bleed, or they may scratch or puncture themselves on some part of the cage or perch or a toy. This is common for birds who are not covered at night, so if you have birds use a light cover over their cage when it is bedtime. The cover makes them feel safe, and cover needs to be lightweight and able to keep our too much light. Birds just feel safely tucked in when cages are covered, and it will help with the night frights. We also use one of those light sensitive night lites in our bird's room. The light is faint, and does not bother birds as we cover their large cage. If the electricity goes out, and they are not covered, they'll react by falling to bottom and thrashing. We keep battery operated lights around so we can put one near their room so they can find their way back to perches. When birds are frightened this way, they don't seem to know which end is up.


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