Nine week old quaker parrots

by Tina
(Carterville, IL)

I have 2 nine week old quaker parrots that were in the same cage for 2 weeks but decided to seperate them because they were bonding with each other not me. Now one is somewhat friendly but the other is biting and doesnt like to be held...will this pass???? not sure what to do...thanks

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Nov 13, 2011
nine week ol quaker parrots
by: Anne

When you spend your bonding time with them try taking them into seperate rooms to train before bringing them back together.
The one that has become shall we say a little distant from you needs extra time, spend time by keeping your hand in the cage offering his favourite titbit when it does good.
Good luck :)

Nov 12, 2011
Nine week old quaker parrots
by: Linda

Since your birds are still so young, you should put them back together. When you have two birds, sometimes this will happen because they have each other and are not as emotionally needy as they would be alone. They also feel safe with each other, and you separating them has caused a great deal of fear and stress for both birds.

If you've not taken your birds to be examined by an Avian Vet, then you need to do that right away. All new birds need to be checked for infections or other physical problems the first few days we have them. Do not start any kind of training until they both have been examined and either cleared or treated for infections.


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