No feathers around neck

by Thersa

Hi my husband just got 2 cocketils from a lady at work not sure how old they are she said the are babies . They are both eating and drinking water but 1 of them has no feathers around the neck is this something they go through or do they need to see a vet thank you

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Sep 12, 2011
Eclectus loss of feathers around neck
by: Anonymous

I recently received an eclectus From someone that was moving and had to give up the bird. The eclectus has no feathers around her neck I took her to the bird store to be groomed ( nails, beak and wings). They told me it could be a lack of vitamin A and to feed her lots of dark green leaves , such as Kale and sweet potato also is loaded with vitamin A

Editor's note: Please do NOT trust bird store employees. Feather loss needs to be checked out by an avian vet. Not a dog/cat vet, a bird vet. Vitamin A deficiency doesn't cause feathers around the neck to fall out.

Sep 12, 2011
Bird with no feathers around neck
by: The Avian Vet

They need to go see an avian veterinarian. Sometimes this is because the parents pluck the feathers when they want the babies to leave the nest. It could also be more serious so a trip the avian veterinarian is a must.

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Dr B

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