No feathers on wing

by Jasmin
(sterling, CO)

HELP! My male canary's wing has no feathers, and is bleeding. He had a lump on the tip of his wing before, and my dad cut it out and it was almost like popcorn! We put him with the female, and now he has no feathers on his wing and he's bleeding!!! Please help! I don't know what's wrong so we don't know how to help him!!! ANY feedback would be appreciated!

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Jul 18, 2011
Canary bleeding and missing feathers
by: Tracie

Dr B can not help with this, because he can not see your bird to treat it. You need to Find an Avian Vet that can see your bird in person, treat the wound and see if this is something another bird is doing to your bird of if your bird is chewing itself due to an internal infection or something.

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