no sun light

i live in a block of flats so there is no sun light because of it my fischer parrots babies are not hatching what should i do?

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Dec 20, 2011
no sun light
by: Anne

The full spectrum lighting does make a hugh difference as I now have it & all my Cockatiel chicks hatching lovely.
By the way I also live in a flat so daylight difficult, my first cage ( I have 3) is 3 foot from the window which I would not put in front of anyway.
Give it a try good luck, maybe you can let me know what happens with the next clutch? : )

Dec 19, 2011
Birds need a full spectrum light
by: Tracie

You should purchase a full spectrum light for your aviary. You may need to purchase several Over the cage full spectrum lighting fixtures depending on how large your aviary is.

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