Noisey neighbor Cockatoo

by dana
(rancho cucamonga)

My neighbor has a pet Cockatoo which she leaves in a cage in her back yard. It is really noisey in the late afternoon until dark ( two to three hours every day.

It is so bad I can't even use my back yard and the neighbor doesn't care.

Is there some (silent to humans)deterrent that I can use to persuade it to be quiet?

It's driving me crazy and the local authorities have decided that it's not an emergency so basically we just have to suffer.


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Oct 12, 2012
The've moved on.
by: threeshotwin

After complaints to law enforcement, (a fine but no other results)They have finally moved on to torment someone else.
I'm not sure but I'm told Some local badasses may have had a word with the landlord. It's a shame to have to do things that way but some of us were probably headed for a mental breakdown.
Barking dogs, noisy birds, and other noisy animals (and people) show me that many people only care about themselves, I guess we have bred empathy out of our society.
I wish you the best but dont expect these people to go out of their way. It's all about them and their "rights".

Oct 07, 2012
Noisy cockatoo
by: Anonymous

I too have a new neighbor with not one but three. This weekend I'm going to experiment with some fire crackers and see how she likes it.

Feb 18, 2011
I also have a bird loving new neighbor!
by: Threeshotwin

I have to say to suggest that someone "has to put up with it or move" is at the least insensitive.
MY new neighbors bird just whistles. Not so bad you say? How about an ear splitting whistle that can be heard over my tv at normal volume with the doors closed? every few minutes? all day? How about a neighbor when approached (politely) says get off of my f'n property?
I'm in my late 60's and too old too fight. Should I move?
By the way, I live in a Florida bird sancuary, and the wild birds here are NOT noisy.
You can count me as an animal lover. But rapidly becoming a bird lover hater.

Editor's note: Sorry I seem insensitive, do you have a better suggestion? I said it was unfortunate, but there is nothing I know to make the bird quiet aside from training the owner would have to do.

Jan 09, 2010
Noisey neighbor Cockatoo
by: Linda

Yes, as Tracie said, this is where a soft approach will get you farther than a hard one. The more you complain, the less likely you will be to see the problem resolved. I've had big birds before, and they do not scream for that long each day. Usually they will greet the sun very loudly for about an hour and then do the same thing in the evening. Wanting to eat is also a factor here. If a Too or Macaw is NOT getting enough attention, they will scream ALL THE TIME.

I know this can be a problem, and it sounds like the neighbor is MAYBE ignoring her bird too much. Depending on how your backyards are set up, try and see if this bird is underfed and/or dirty and get a picture of it. Underfed will be poor feathering and the breast bone will be prominently sticking out where it can not only be felt but seen. If this bird is not being taken care of, this is a matter for your animal control people. Have you called them yet? Make sure you think bird is being neglected and have some documentation in the form of a picture or so if you think this is the problem. Cockatoos tend to scream too much if they are not being given enough attention, food or whatnot. Toos are the big babies of the parrot world and normally very sweet. Approach this from an animal lover's point of view, and I think you'll get more accomplished. It could be that you help this bird in the process which is always a Class Act!

Good luck and God's speed. Also keep us posted on how this goes.


Jan 09, 2010
Silence a Cockatoo
by: Tracie

There is nothing you can do to stop the bird from making noise. The bird is supposed to make a lot of loud noises, just like you are supposed to talk, laugh and cry.

I can imagine that it is very hard for a person that does not love the bird, to put up with a loud bird every day. Unfortunately you either need to put up with it or move, if you can not get the owner to bring the bird inside.

You could do research and show them all the diseases that their bird may get from other wild birds, west nile virus etc. and approach them as if you were concerned for their bird. ;-)

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